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Why design a logo?

A logo is a visual element that distinguishes a business from its competitors. Professional logo creates an impression of the company, emphasizing its position and individuality. A well-thought-through logo design will be memorable, attract clients’ attention and as a consequence help to increase sales. The human brain pays attention to visual graphics. This is why it is so much easier to remember symbols. Just think about the last time you exchanged business cards at the networking event – the chances are you only remember the card with the brightest colour or a bold logo design symbol. 

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Logo designing involves creating a unique visual symbol that represents a company or brand. The logo should be memorable, recognizable, and simple enough to be easily identifiable across various media and platforms.

Every business needs a unique logo. In the process of logo development, your designer will help you to decide what type of logo you may be looking for.

Logo design for a business can be defined as:

Symbolic logo design

Text – logotype or wordmark

Alphanumeric logo design

Logo Designing Company

Symbolic logo design

Symbolic logos are the most popular among brands. This category can be identified by the bold, elegant, unique and memorable icon.

The abstraction evokes emotions and associations. Our brains are wired to remember pictures better than words and attach meaning through emotion. Symbolic logos are paired with a font that compliments the logo mark.

Wordmark logo design

Text logos are also called logotypes or wordmarks. This category uses company name initials or full name as a basis for the design. The challenge for this type of logo is to make it distinctive enough in shape, weight and style. Usually, a lot of attention goes into a selection of a unique typeface or even creating a wordmark from scratch.

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Our Logo Design Process


This is the place for us to listen, ask questions and reflect.


We analyze information from the discovery session, search competitors and inspiration.


All of the previous data is synthesized into a visual form. The client will be presented with multiple logo design directions.


We will refine the logo and present you with the final product.


Your logo communicates the established goals, meets guidelines, and brings value, clarity, and confidence in your business.


Logo files will be submitted in all applicable formats in color and black white.

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