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Looking for best video editing company in Sanjose?

Video advertising is nothing new, but since the undisputed rise of TikTok, its importance has taken the world by storm and radically increased in popularity. Video was once only a consideration for mass media strategy that included TV and companies looking to spend big on budgets. Now we live in an era where we know video content provides unparalleled growth due to its accessibility and value for brands of all sizes. Nexa Infotech is the best video editing company in Sanjose that provides video marketing services and helps you develop this content is invaluable.

The benefits of incorporating video into your strategy to help build your brand are multifaceted.

To name a few:

->Capturing attention through storytelling
->Strengthening customer retention
->Generating long-term growth

If you are looking for Top Rated Video & YouTube services in Sanjose then you should definitely gives us a chance.

The value of video advertising

With the decreasing attention span of consumers and increased competition to capture it, it’s crucial we pay attention to the information we have on how best to do that. We have seen a clear preference from users for video content. We know that 73% of users prefer to watch a video to learn about a product or service and studies have also shown that 88% of people have been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video. Of course these exact numbers may vary from platform to platform, but in the case of TikTok, a survey found that 79% of respondents had used the platform to discover new brands and of these, 54% had purchased from a brand after seeing their content. These statistics are similar to what we have seen from YouTube advertising too, with the video platform advertisements resulting in 70% of people buying a product after they have seen it in a YouTube ad. Video assists brands in educating and relating to customers in an authentic way, reinforcing the brand connection and remaining top of mind.

Video in action

Audiences are becoming increasingly selective and demanding, and the good news is there’s ample opportunity to leverage their criteria. Through both organic and paid channels, brands are able to tell their stories to a curated audience of their choosing. With such a wide range of targeting options across video platforms, reaching users at a specific stage in the customer journey is now easier than ever. Instagram launched their reels feature to compete with TikTok back in 2020. Meta joined the trend in 2021, and of course the veteran of video – YouTube provides ample opportunity for placements. Whether your goal is customer acquisition or loyalty, video remains an integral part of brand building activity and when paired with direct response, it delivers consistent incremental growth.

Reach and engage through video advertising

Video advertising in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne

Our video advertising teams, located in both Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, are well versed in knowing exactly which channels will give you the most bang for your advertising buck. Whether your goal is to build brand awareness, keep your business top of mind, or simply drive sales, we’ll work with you to design a video advertising campaign that ticks all the right boxes.

Targeted videos for targeted audiences

In the same way social media and programmatic advertising require specific targeting to ensure they are placed in front of the correct audience to achieve goals, doing the same with video advertising is essential. Much like other channels, video advertising services allow us to use demographic and psychographic data to analyse and recommend where it should be placed to reach the right users. In addition to using data to determine your video’s deployment, we can also collect data about your audience to better target and continuously refine all of your future campaigns.

With a brilliant team equipped to help you craft the perfect video marketing campaign and the power of a video marketing agency that is a premier partner of both Google and TikTok behind you, get in touch now to start your video journey or breathe new life into your strategy.

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Best software for video editing?

With the best video editing software for Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android you can get pro-level footage.

1. Premiere Pro: best video editing software for pros

2.  CyberLink PowerDirector 365: the best video editing software for non-pros

3. Adobe Premiere Elements: the best video editing software for beginners

Skills required for video editing?

  • Attention to detail.
  • Adaptability.
  • Self-motivation. 
  • Organizational skills. 
  • Communication skills.
  • Problem-solving skills. 
  • Familiarity with editing software programs. 
  • Video editing skills for resume and cover letter.